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Our selection of chemicals features a wide assortment of materials and sizes. Relying on Crown Fibreglass for your supplies ensures you’ll have endless options to choose from to make your project unique.

• Catalysts and other Chemicals from AKZO NOBEL
• Hardener
• Butanox M50 or M60
• Inhibitors and Accelerators
• BALSA Wood used for sandwich construction purposes
• COREX High Density Foam used as Stringers, Bulk-Heads and in Transoms
• Thixotropic
• Aerosil 200 Filler
• Core Bonding Lightweight
• Sandwich Adhesive
• Bonding paste
• High Toughness Hull to Deck Adhesive
• Releasing Agents & Mould Release Liquid PVA for both brush and spray
• WAX For Normal & High Temperature use
• BEES Wax
• Rubbing Compounds & Polishes
• PICA MAT 1 / 3 / 5 mm to Reinforce any fibreglass structure

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