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We are one of the largest local suppliers of unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins for composites applications. Crownfibreglass offers the broadest manufacturing presence to produce a complete line of resin products, gelcoats and bonding pastes for customers who fabricate composite products ranging from bathtubs, tanks to boats.

Our guaranteed low prices and well stocked inventory mean you don’t have to wait to start your next project.


We have tons of affordable resins that will serve your project needs.

• Orthopthalic
• Isopthalic
• Vinylester
• Polyester Resin by Reichhold


We offer a large variety of gel and top coats as well as guidance on choosing the best one for you. We’re here to help.

• Norpol for both brush and spray work
• GS Gelcoats
• ISO modified, for marine use & water tanks
• NGA Gelcoats, used not only in swimming pools for its superior resistance to chlorine and acids, but also in environments where food grade certification is required.
• Tooling Gelcoats - Vinylester Modified ideal to produce new moulds

All the above mentioned resins & gelcoats have an approved Lloyds Marine Certification.


Relying on Crown Fibreglass for your supplies ensures you’ll have endless options to choose from to make your project unique.

More than 50 colours to choose from. These are combined with our Clear Gelcoat from Norpol.


We offer a large variety of fibreglass, carbon and kevlar. Contact us to see how we can help you select the most suitable and affordable matts for your project.

• Chopped Strand Mat 300 / 450 / 600 g/m2
• Woven Roving 400 / 600 / 800
• Woven Tapes 50 / 100 / 150mm in width
• Woven Chops
• Biaxial 600 0/90 +/-45
• Boat Cloths
• Carbon Fibre
• Kevlar Aramid


Our selection of chemicals features a wide assortment of materials and sizes. Relying on Crown Fibreglass for your supplies ensures you’ll have endless options to choose from to make your project unique.

• Catalysts and other Chemicals from AKZO NOBEL
• Hardener
• Butanox M50 or M60
• Inhibitors and Accelerators
• BALSA Wood used for sandwich construction purposes
• COREX High Density Foam used as Stringers, Bulk-Heads and in Transoms
• Thixotropic
• Aerosil 200 Filler
• Core Bonding Lightweight
• Sandwich Adhesive
• Bonding paste
• High Toughness Hull to Deck Adhesive
• Releasing Agents & Mould Release Liquid PVA for both brush and spray
• WAX For Normal & High Temperature use
• BEES Wax
• Rubbing Compounds & Polishes
• PICA MAT 1 / 3 / 5 mm to Reinforce any fibreglass structure


DIY? We have tons of tools to make your job easier. Our variety availability will please you as much as our low prices.

• Brushes
• Foam Rollers
• Lamination Rollers Serrated, Washered, Wheel rollers etc.
• Catalyst Dispensers for Hardener
• Clay & Plasticine for shaping plugs
• Cutting Blades


Choosing the right paint can make all the difference in your project. We offer a wide variety of paints with multiple use, which can be applied on walls, floors, terraces, pools and generally all those surfaces that you want to impart a total water repellency and waterproofing.

Products: Products
House Painting Tools


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