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General Characteristics :

Excellent quality quartz plaster scratched effect decorative coating of Interior and exterior walls. Synthetic resin plaster containing granules of marble, quartz sands of different screening, for coatings with high abrasion resistance, hard and resistant to smog.

Technical Characteristics :

# Specific Weight : 1.8 Kg/ ltr. Approximately

# Viscosity when supplied : Pasty

# Drying time : The average time of drying up the definition of resistance to driving rain at +20 Degrees Celsius is approximately 8-12 hours. Complete dewatering occurs in 2 days

# Color : White or dyed as in folder

# Aspect : Opaque

# Yieldness : Depends on the type of grain used and the nature of the bottom

1.8 - 2.3 kgs/ m2 fine grained Scratched

2.5 -3.0 kgs/m2 medium grain Scratched

# Dilution : Ready for use, and, although allowed depending on the outdoor temperature.

A slight addition of water is permitted (1%-2% max)

# Packaging : 30 Kgs

Application :

Strong, durable and clean surfaces are suitable. For new walls apply first coat of Colored Maxancoral, diluted with water at a ratio of 1:1 or 1:1.5 according to surface absorption. After 4 hours apply the scratched Plaster( Graffiato). For loose plaster surfaces, powdering and with old paint that peels off walls and Before application of Colored Maxancoral proceed first with a good brushing. Continue as mentioned above for the new walls. Finally, smooth walls must be made rough applying a coat of Idroquarz diluted 30% with water before application of Graffiato.

Do not apply the product in the presence of strong winds, with warm sunshine, or with a temperature close to 5 degrees celsius .

# Application : Spongy tool

# Cleaning of Tools : With water immediately after use.

# Storage : Store in a cool dry place , keeping containers tightly closed and protected from frost

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