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Product : Liquid Membrane

Type of Material : Styrene-acrylic resin-based product that you select to give the film an

excellent adherence and resistant to walk on .

The liquid membrane is supplied in three different types.

Type A: Normal Type B: Al Clorocaucciu Type C: Al Cloroparaffina

Usage : Of multiple use, it should be applied on walls, floors, terraces, pools and generally

all those surfaces that you want to impart a total water repellency and waterproofing

Colors: White & colours on request

Packages : Ltr 13 (20 Kgs)

Technical Characteristics :::

Specific Weight : 1.3 Kgs/ Litre

Viscosity of Supply : Soft Paste

Drying : After 3-5 hrs becomes resistant to rain .

After 48 hrs becomes fully dry

After 3 days becomes hard and walkable .

Brilliance : Opaque

Consumption : With 1 Kg of IDROGUM expect from 2.0mtrs – 2.5mtrs squared

Dilution : For the first coat dilute to 50% in weight with water, the second hand could be given to 20%.

Third hand at the discretion of the applicator.

Processing : By brush and roller on large surfaces (sheds, terraces) by spray or frattazza.

If the temperature is above 5 degrees

Film Thickness : And as a function of dilution.

Applying the recommended dilution the best film thickness

is obtained for a great waterproof.

Application : Are suitable for dry and clean surfaces

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