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Product Features & Uses of MITGUAINA for POOLS :

On concrete, dry and clean, apply a MITGUAINA 3/1

Ratio 3 parts Powder & 1 part Liquid,

Leave it to dry for 2/3 days minimum.

Than Rub a MITGUAINA 1/1 Ratio with roller (even one hand).

After it dries ( after 2/3 days) apply paint to POOL into two hands.

Apply at least 1 Kg of paint in 2 sqm.

After 8/10 days fill the pool.

By time, where and if you will be using the robot for cleaning the pool, on the edges,where it beats in the long run painting suffers more quickly and we only help to freshen up the paint.

Of course we talk about water based, Not solvent-based products.

Mitguaina is a two-component CEMENT ELASTIC MEMBRANE for waterproofing MITGUAINA is an integrated system consisting of an emulsion liquid elastomer technology (part A) which must be combined with a mineral Binder in cement powder (component B)

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